My name is Bill, Grill Bill. With me you make the most tender steaks, the most delicious hamburgers, and ribs with the meat just falling off the bone. Culinary restaurant-worthy dishes in which that cultivated smoke flavour of charcoal determines the right experience. If you can't make the best BBQ dishes you ever tasted with me, I will eat my charcoal!
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porkrack porkrack bbq recipe
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Family, friendship, love of good food, enjoying the beautiful things in life. That's Grill Bill. With a 2-time award winning kamado in the range.

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BBQ Boss

BBQ Fanatist and also owner of bbq blog BBQnoeier.nl.

Once, a long time ago, when I was a little boy, I started cooking on one of those aluminium trays with a grid and briquettes from the supermarket. At 25 I got my 1st weber, and then I was sold, addicted to fire and bbq! A year later I bought an offset smoker, and again a year later my 1st kamado. I still have this one now, I have the best memories of it. I hope you'll have that too with a Grill Bill kamado. With my background in tech and design, coming up with Grill Bill is the ultimate dream come true. How cool is it to make your own kamado brand and grill on it yourself? Pretty cool, of course. But what is even nicer is that you get to work with one of our Grill Bill Kamados, so that you too can join our family.

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Pie baker and Office manager

I myself am more of a baking type, as a little girl I was baking cake in the kitchen with my grandmother on Sunday morning, now I bake everything on the kamado. Furthermore, I am really a companion animal, and I spend a lot of time with friends and family. Together with Bobby (also my boyfriend) I experience the greatest BBQ adventures, it is an honour to work at Grill Bill. I experience the flexibility and personal atmosphere as very pleasant. Hopefully I can pass on this positive vibe to you as well. In 2019 I was able to get my degree as an office manager through this company, I can now put that knowledge to good use at Grill Bill. Would you like to come and have a look in our showroom? Then of course you can, just make an appointment to be sure.

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Customer Support

Hi, it's Naomi. Nice to be able to tell something about myself! I am a mother of 2 lovely girls, wife of Gerrit, and the big sister of Fleur. I'm turning Grill Bill into a real family business. I'm not so into BBQ myself (yet), but Bobby, Fleur, and all the lovely customers at Grill Bill make sure I learn more about cooking on a kamado every day, and that motivates me tremendously! Furthermore, I have extensive experience in the hospitality industry (that's right!), and that will come in handy when organizing workshops and events. Besides that, I support Bobby and Fleur with customer service, so if you call, chat or email me, chances are I will help you.

The Eureca moment
Making your hobby your job, doing fun things, undertaking, and above all enjoying yourself. On this day, the foundation was laid for what is now Grill Bill. This brand name was not known then, that came later.
Research phase
There is a plan, and an idea for the design of what are now our kamados. Investigating what materials, and with which manufacturers, we can establish cooperation.
Grill Bill born
On a free Monday, on the first day of the new year, we watched Netflix. Quinten Tarrantino's film Kill Bill passed by. No more seconds of doubt, the Grill Bill brand is established as a trademark, and we began building the website, and we created our corporate identity.
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