25% Korting Op Accessoires

25% Korting Op Accessoires

Bestel nu een Grill Bill Pro Kamado BBQ en krijg 25% Korting op max. 5 Accessoires. Alleen van toepassing op accessoires van ons eigen merk Grill Bill. Deze korting wordt automatisch verrekend in het winkelmandje, korting kan niet achteraf worden toegepast.


alternatives green egg, kamado joe, the bastard

If you’re orienting yourself on a kamado, then of course you’re going to compare, logically. Because of course you want to buy a kamado that suits you. We’d like to give you a helping hand at Grill Bill. We compare the most famous kamados with our Grill Bill Kamado BBQ,so comparing is very easy!


Everything in a handy overview
Grill Bill Large BGE Large Kamado Joe CLassic 3 The Bastard Urban Large
Cooking surface size 47cm 46cm 46cm 49cm
Price 1049,- 1480,- 2099,- 1349,-
Movable undercarriage Included in price 336,- Included in price Included in price
Cast iron grate Included in price 89,- 100,- 59.95
Stainless steel grate Included in price Included in price Included in price Included in price
Heat deflector Included in price 114,- Included in price Included in price
Ashtray / ashtool Included in price 39,95 Included in price Included in price
Gasket between cover Fiberglass *** Traditional felt Fiberglass *** Fiberglass ***
Side shelves Included in price 121,- Included in price Included in price
Firebox Included in price Included in price Included in price Included in price
Firering Included in price Included in price Included in price Included in price
Delivery * 90% assembled Not assembled 90% assembled 90% assembled
Stainless steel air slide Included in price Included in price Included in price Included in price
Top guy Included in price Included in price Included in price Included in price
Ceramics Mullite Cordierite Mullite Mullite
Divide & conquer 76,3 229,- Included in price 129,95
Charcoal basket 52,46 135 Included in price Included in price
Guarantee** 10 yrs Limited for life Limited for life 20jr.
Total 1177,77 2543,95 2199 1538

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Grill Bill, also winner of The Best BBQ 2020 Award.

Question and answer to the most frequently asked questions

We are pioneers in direct sales in the kamado market. We are therefore the only link between the factory and the consumer, so there are no importers, wholesalers or shops who all want to get their share.

In addition, you have control with us whether you want ** pay extra for extra warranty , something that is included in the price of many other brands, so fair, right?

So this is how we keep the price low and the quality high.

Our kamado bbq ‘s are therefore exclusively available from us!

No, your preparations don’t get any better on another kamado than on a Grill Bill. Although it is logical that many people experience it this way, how else can you justify your overpriced kamado?

But without any foolishness, the person who serves the kamado is the chef, together with good quality ingredients, the chef determines how the dishes that come off the kamado will taste. It doesn’t make any difference whether you cook your ribs on a BGE, Joe or Bastard, or on a Grill Bill.

Apart from the fact that our kamados are made of different ceramics, there is not much difference in quality. We can measure this by adding up the number of defects and reflecting them on the defects of other brands.

In addition, we believe that in our and the higher price category there are little to no bad quality kamados.

The ceramics from which our kamados are made are also applied to other well-known brands such as eg. Kamado Joe, another great American player.

Our kamados are delivered in a sturdy box, you only have to assemble the base, and place the side tables and the handle. If you take the time for this, it will take you about 20 minutes.

Unlike the BGE, this one has to be fully assembled. From the metal rings around the dome and lid to the hinge. Quite a job for a customer who has never done this before.

The lid and dome must be closed properly and airtight, we use a fiberglass gasket for this. A material that is also used on ovens in the professional kitchen. Kamado Joe was the first brand of kamado that came on the market with this and there are now more brands that use this gasket.

Advantages compared to felt:

  • wear resistant
  • better closure
  • tough look
  • easy to keep clean

We are one of the few real Dutch brands in the bbq industry. We have opted for a completely different look than the rest. Our kamado is different as well as our strategy.

  • Unique matte black ceramic
  • A smooth, easy to clean jacket, instead of a golf ball motif
  • High Quality
  • Super competitive prices
  • Delivered very complete
  • Payment in terms

Disclaimer: This comparison is based on recommended prices of products available in the Netherlands. We only compare the latest 2020 models. We have tried to make as fair a comparison as possible, there are of course more differences, but we have listed the most important ones for you.

No rights can be derived from this comparison.

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