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Product information: Arkassippi Combo #1

Arkassippi Combo

A great collaboration of two competition BBQ competitors: All Q’ued up! & Hotty Totty. The combo contains several herbs to mix.

Layer technique

Layering, or layering, is the concept, devised by these two contest winning teams. During the competitions, the rubs are applied layer by layer to create special flavor experiences.

What’s in the combo?

Everyone has their preferences; what one person finds delicious may be slightly less tasty for another. That’s why we want to encourage your creativity and let you help choose the combo you want to receive. We have already selected the two must-haves; Steak Shake by All Q’ued Up! and Climax AP by Hotty Totty for you, which one will you add? And will you go for 1, 2 or even more variety?


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