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BBQ Controller ThermoWorks Signals & Billows

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Product information: BBQ Controller ThermoWorks Signals & Billows


The Signal is designed to track temperatures over an extended period of time with moderately hot cooking methods such as smoking, roasting, grilling, deep frying, home brewing and Sous Vide.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology for wireless connectivity and easy setup
  • 4 channels, uses Pro-Series commercial-grade probes
  • Works with ThermoWorks BBQ app and standalone
  • Splash proof design for outdoor use, rated to IP66
  • Stays in place with sturdy base and strong magnets on the back
  • Illuminated dashboard-style display for tracking temperatures, alarms, min/max.
  • Rechargeable battery with supplied power adapter
  • Designed in Utah by ThermoWorks

Note: Unlike the image(s), the Signals included in this set are black in color.


Grill perfect BBQ meat for several hours without worrying about flames coming out of the BBQ, or adjusting ventilation. With Billows, you have control over your BBQ with the accuracy of ThermoWorks.

When you connect the Billows to a ThermoWorks compatible controller, such as the Signals (required) the fan of the Billows will quickly bring the BBQ to the set temperature and will allow it to maintain the set temperature. Through the ThermoWorks BBQ app, you keep an eye on the temperature of the meat and your BBQ, wherever you are. The powerful fan inside the Billows keeps the temperature just right, no matter what BBQ you are using. With the ThermoWorks Billows, you make smoking easy.

  • Maintain a constant temperature control (+ 6 degrees) over the entire preparation
  • The best in its class with an airflow of 78m3 per hour.
  • Fastest initial speed to temperature ratio
  • An integrated system to monitor and control temperatures
  • Control with the Signals and/or the ThermoWorks BBQ App (Google Play & Apple Store)
  • Durable industrial, weatherproof housing
  • Uses standard USBC cables
  • Easy to attach to various smokers without additional adapters
  • Long smoking sessions without the hassle!

Billows Specifications

Airflow: 78m3 per hour
Aperture: 30 x 40 mm
Power: 12V AC powered (via adapter from Signals)
Waterproof: Yes
Working range: 260°C

Billows only works in conjunction with Thermoworks Signals

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