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Bill’s Smart Qooking System – 21 inches

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With this multilevel system for the Large Grill Bill kamado BBQ you can barbecue directly and indirectly at different levels at the same time. Comes with 2 half stainless steel grilles, 2 half heat deflectors, and a wok/Dutch oven holder.


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Product information: Bill’s Smart Qooking System – 21 inches

Bill’s Divider – for 21 inch Pro and Classic Kamado

The Bill’s Smart Qooking System allows you to grill on different levels on one Grill Bill Kamado BBQ. This makes it possible, for example, to cook a piece of meat directly over the fire and at the same time prepare a side dish at a higher level more slowly so that you can time your dish perfectly.


  • Material: stainless steel and ceramics
  • Diameter Grill grill: 46.7 cm
  • Diameter half moon deflector: 36 cm

Currently, this divider is only available as an accessory to the Grill Bill Pro Kamado. Orders placed by customers who have not purchased Grill Bill will be cancelled due to low inventory.

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