CyberMonday Kamado BBQ Deals and more


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The busiest and most popular period for any entrepreneur in BBQ land is there, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! And what a one, mega discounts on kamados, accessories, tastemakers and more.

1. €200 off our Grill Bill Pro Large and Pro Extra Large + 30% off 5 accessories of your choice!

Order your Pro Large Kamado or Extra Large kamado now, accessory discounts will be automatically calculated in the shopping cart.

Grill Bill

2. 10% Discount on Valhal Outdoor

Order now your cast iron products from Valhal outdoor, for example a Dutch oven or a skillet. Or perhaps a tripod.

valhal outdoor gietijzer CyberMonday Kamado BBQ Deals and more

3. 10% Discount on Forged knives

Order your Forged knives now, for example the award winning Katai Santoku or Katai chef’s knife.

forged messen CyberMonday Kamado BBQ Deals and more

4. 20% Discount on Grill Bill Merchandise

Order your Grill Bill Merchandise now, for example our Grill Bill leather apron deluxe, coffee mug, or keychain.

Grill Bill merchandise

5. 10% Discount on GrillFanatics products.

Order your GrillFanatics products now, for example smoking wood, or a deluxe BBQ Pincer.

grill fanatics


6. Every 2nd jar of Dry Rub or sauce 40% Discount

Throw all dry rubs in your cart, and check out your discount!



No discount on a product you like? Chat with us, we’re sure we’ll figure it out!



bbq store grill bill eindhoven-10
Grill Bill

Must Have Accessories for your Kamado BBQ

What kamado bbq accessories are important? If you own a kamado BBQ, you know that this versatile grill allows you to prepare delicious dishes with a unique flavor. But to get the most out of your kamado BBQ, there are some essential accessories to consider. In this article you will

Read More "
Tot €370,- Korting Op Pro Kamado's
30% korting op max. 5 Grill Bill accessoires
gratis 10 jaar extra garantie
Geldig t/m 05-03-24

Doe onze online kamado cursus, haal je examen, upload je certificaat, en je krijgt 10 jaar extra garantie t.w.v 250,- op jouw Pro kamado. Meer weten? Check de voorwaarden.

Aanbieding alleen geldig i.c.m. Grill Bill Pro kamado’s, en zolang de voorraad strekt.

+ 30% discount on accessories

Offer valid while supplies last!


Get our latest new BBQ recipes, news and offers delivered straight to your inbox!

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