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Char Siu of pork belly, BBQ recipe. With homemade prawn crackers


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If you ever go to a Chinese restaurant you will probably have seen Char Siu on the menu. Usually this is made with pork neck or boston butt but I used pork belly this time. And that was a real treat. In no time the kilo was gone, gone! I was sorry I hadn’t made some more. So just keep that in mind ;-)


I fried shrimp crackers with the Char Siu itself, also very tasty. From now on you can forget about the soup from the Appie because you do not want anything else than homemade crackers.


Char Siu from pork belly BBQ Recipe

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Char Siu is pronounced in many ways. Speak it however you want, as long as it’s tasty right? You can often find all the ingredients for this dish at the Chinese toko. At our Eindhoven location, we have the Amazing Orient. And if you can’t find something, ask a staff member. Otherwise, you can search until you weigh an ounce. Above all, don’t be put off by all the jitters on the packaging, these are Chinese characters!

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Ingredients Char siu

  • 1 kilo 1 pork belly without rind

  • 160 ml 160 soy sauce

  • 80 ml 80 hoisin sauce. brand; Lee Kum Kee

  • 120 ml 120 honey

  • 6 el 6 brown sugar

  • 240 ml 240 Chinese rice wine (Ssake, or dry sherry is also fine)

  • 6 el 6 ketchup

  • 4 toes 4 garlic finely chopped

  • 5 fluorescent 5 five spice powder

  • 1 fluorescent 1 freshly ground black pepper

  • 2 fluorescent 2 chili powder or flakes

  • 2 el 2 coarse sea salt

  • 2 fluorescent 2 red dye

  • 100 grams 100 uncooked (garlic) prawn crackers

  • 1 container 1 bean sprouts

  • 2 litters 2 noodles

  • 2 stems 2 Spring onion

  • 50 ml 50 (sweet) chili sauce

  • large bowl for marinade

  • sharp (meat) knife

  • cutting board

  • BBQ prepared for indirect baking at 135 degrees

  • smoking wood e.g. apple

  • tongs for gripping and twisting the meat

  • core temperature gauge


  • Cut the pork belly into 3 or 4 equal parts, this way you can be sure they are cooked about the same time
    car siu bbq recept buikspek
  • Put all liquid ingredients like rice wine, soy sauce etc in the bowl
  • Chop the garlic and add it to the marinade along with the five spices powder, pepper and salt. Mix well. Taste too, great taste right?
  • Now put the pork belly pieces in the marinade and make sure all the nooks and crannies are covered with the delicious red marinade. If you marinate the meat with your bare claws (which is delicious) make sure you wash thoroughly, yes even after marinating, pervert!
  • If you have limited space in the refrigerator for a bowl, you can also put the marinade in a ziplock bag. Close it up tight, though, that red sauce in your refrigerator won’t make you happy. Manmanman…
  • When your pork belly has marinated for about 4 / 5 hours you can light your bbq. You let it heat up to a temperature of 135 degrees
  • If your bbq is up to temperature then make sure to cook the pork belly indirectly over the coals. If you have a kamado then you can use the heat deflector
  • Place the pork belly on the grill rack and put temperature gauge in the center of the pork belly
  • Turn the meat over briefly every half hour. When the meat has a core temperature of 77 to 82 degrees you may remove it from the bbq
    car siu bbq recept buikspek grill bill kamado
  • Let your delicious Char Siu rest under aluminum foil for about 15 minutes
  • Put a pan of oil on the stove, or turn on the frying pan to fry the crackers. You bake the crackers at a temperature of 170 to 180 degrees. The crackers are ready when they surface
  • Now boil 500ml of water for the noodles, add a cube of vegetable broth and let the noodles soak for a while until cooked. Of course, you can also get those bags of noodles with all the spices already included. Also very tasty!
  • Ok, your Char Siu is rested. Take a sharp knife and cut into half-inch slices, place on a pretty plate and drape some spring onion and bean sprouts over the pork belly. Because, looks like fun!
  • Now you can also serve the rest of the side dishes.
  • What do you drink with it? You can of course serve some rice wine, an Asian beer like Bintang is also very tasty! Palatable.

TIPS & Notes

  • As you may know, the better the quality of your ingredients the tastier. Buy the buikspek dome from a good butcher. Like Beef &Steak.

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