Which Charcoal For Your (Grill Bill) Kamado BBQ?


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Working with charcoal in your kamado bbq brings out the child in you, playing with fire, barbecuing deliciously on fuel that brings your dishes to an unprecedented high level of taste.

But which charcoal should I choose?

At Grill Bill, we only work with the highest quality fuels, so not only can you work with fire in a very fine and controlled way, but you can also influence the flavour of your dishes.

The type of charcoal you use is very important for the taste of your dishes.

In the world of charcoal, we distinguish between different hardnesses.

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Blends of 2 or 3 hardnesses

Soft, light charcoal

Species: The Acacia

This charcoal belongs to the lighter types of charcoal. If you compare the bag with the Quebracho charcoal you’ll see that the bag of the Acacia is a lot fuller than the Quebracho.

A light charcoal type is usually easy to light and easy to control in temperature. And the smoke aroma can be called fairly neutral. Do you want extra smoke flavor? Then use some smoking wood for a more robust smoke flavor.

Because the Acacia gets up to temperature easily, it is very suitable for fast, hot dishes.

Have you never worked with charcoal or a kamado? Then this is the kind of thing that will get you the hang of being a real pittmaster in no time.


Acacia charcoal is produced in South Africa from waste wood from the Acacia / Black Whattle tree. This tree is considered one of the worst invasive tree species in the world.

Acacia properties

Smoke flavor: Neutral
Burning hours: at 110 degrees about 14h
Ease of temperature control: Easy
Size: Medium pieces

View Acacia Charcoal

Medium Charcoal

Species: Oak

Oak charcoal is known for its excellent properties and is widely used as fuel for barbecues and fireplaces. Here are some characteristics of oak charcoal:

  1. Durability: Oak charcoal is produced from oak, a hardwood known for its durability and density. This makes the charcoal particularly sturdy and long-burning.

  2. High heat production: Oak charcoal has a high carbon content, resulting in intense and long-lasting heat production. This makes it ideal for grilling meat and creating a consistent and even heat source.

  3. Even burning: Due to the dense structure of oak charcoal, it burns evenly and slowly. This allows foods to be cooked evenly without burning or drying out.

  4. Fewer sparks: Oak charcoal generally produces fewer sparks than other types of charcoal, making it safer to use.

  5. Smoke aroma: Oak charcoal gives off a characteristic smoke aroma that can add a delicious flavor to grilled food. This makes it a favorite choice for barbecue and grilling enthusiasts.

  6. Long burn time: Due to its dense composition and high carbon content, oak charcoal has a longer burn time compared to other types of charcoal. This ensures a long-lasting cooking experience without frequent fuel refills.

In summary, oak charcoal offers durability, high heat production, even combustion, fewer sparks, smoke aroma and longer burn time. These features make it a popular choice for outdoor cooking and create a delicious culinary experience.

View Oak charcoal

Heavy, hard charcoal

Species: Quebracho (holm oak)

A Spanish term to describe an incredibly hard charcoal. Derived from the term quiebrahacha or quebrar hacha, meaning ‘Break the axe’.

Burns extremely long, and generates a medium to strong aroma. Because this charcoal is so hard, it takes a little longer to get up to temperature. Therefore, this variety is excellent for low and slow preparations. And if you want to do a quick prep, allow for a little longer startup time.

Characteristics Quebracho

Quebracho charcoal is a special type of charcoal known for its unique properties. Let’s look at the characteristics of Quebracho charcoal:

  • Dense structure, firm and compact.
  • Long burning, constant heat source.
  • High heat production, ideal for searing.
  • Minimal smoke, clean experience.
  • Stable flames, easy heat control.
  • Rich aroma, flavor enhancement.

In short, Quebracho charcoal has a dense structure, burns long, produces high heat, minimizes smoke, has stable flames and offers a rich aroma. These features make it a valued choice for avid barbecue enthusiasts looking for a unique and high-quality charcoal experience.

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The golden mean, it exists. With the Marabu you have both a long burn time and a nice subtle smoke aroma. This means that it is excellent for low and slow cooking, but also suitable for quicker and hotter preparations. The Marabu gets up to temperature a bit faster than the Quebracho, and a bit slower than the Acacia.


Marabu charcoal is made from the Marabu bush, an invasive weed bush from South America. The charcoal is characterised by its rounded bones because it is made from round branches.

Marabu Features:

  • Smoke flavor: Mild/Neutral
  • Burning hours: at 110 degrees approx. 19h
  • Ease of temperature control: Average
  • Size: Medium pieces

View Marabu Charcoal

Charcoal Blends: The Perfect Combination for an Ultimate BBQ Experience

In addition to using individual charcoals, another option worth considering is charcoal blends. A blend is a mixture of different charcoal types, combining the properties of each to create a unique and balanced result. There are two popular blend combinations that are often used:

  1. Soft and Medium Blend: By blending soft and medium charcoals, such as birch charcoal and beech charcoal, you get a blend that provides fast ignition and medium burn time. This combination is ideal when you want to start grilling quickly, but still be able to enjoy your barbecue for a longer period of time.

  2. Medium and Hard Blend: A blend of medium and hard charcoals, such as oak and hickory, offers a perfect balance of longer burn time and powerful flavor. This combination is ideal for dishes that need slow cooking and where you want to experience the unique smoky flavor of hickory.

Charcoal blends give you the flexibility to combine the properties of different charcoals to find the perfect balance for your specific grilling needs. They offer not only convenience and ease of use, but also the opportunity to experiment with different flavor profiles and cooking techniques.

Whether you choose individual charcoals or a blend, the important thing is to enjoy the magic of charcoal grilling. Each charcoal and blend adds its own unique character to your dishes and contributes to an unforgettable BBQ experience. So, light the grill, choose your favorite charcoal and let your taste buds be enchanted by the delicious aromas and flavors that only charcoal can offer.

b&b charcoal


At Grill Bill, we feel that quality is important because you can enjoy your Grill Bill kamado more with good quality charcoal. And more fun means you’ll be more likely to recommend us to friends and family. That’s the way it works.

Therefore we have added the premium brand of charcoal from B&B to our range. A brand from the USA with which many competitions have been won. Available in 3 varieties, each with its own specific taste. Oak, hickory and mesquite. 3 American woods with a great flavor profile and long burn time.

Because B&B works with private farms in the US, they know exactly where the wood comes from, and the farmers get a fair price for their product. B&B is a bit pricier, relatively speaking, but you get an extra piece of the taste experience in return, and that’s what counts!

Oak – Oak Charcoal

Oak B&B charcoal is one of the most popular types of charcoal. Oak burns very hot and gives a subtle smoke aroma. A smoky aroma that goes perfectly with dishes with beef, pork, fish, poultry, game, vegetables and cheese.


B&B oak charcoal comes from the USA, they have contracts with local farmers so they know where the wood comes from to ensure the best quality.

Properties Oak Lump Charcoal

Smoke aroma: Subtle
Burning hours: at 110 degrees about 18h
Ease of temperature control: Simple
Size: Medium pieces

View B&B Oak Charcoal

Hickory Lump Charcoal

The B&B charcoal from the hickory tree is unique in its kind and therefore our personal favorite. Hickory burns very long and gives a subtle smoke aroma with the typical hickory bacon flavor. A smoky aroma that goes perfectly with dishes with beef, pork, game and cheese.


B&B hickory charcoal comes from the USA, they have contracts with local farmers so they know where the wood comes from to ensure the best quality.

Features Hickory Lump Charcoal

Smoke aroma: Subtle full flavor
Burning hours: at 110degrees approx. Ease of temperature control: Simple
Size: Medium pieces

View B&B Hickory Charcoal

Mesquite Lump Charcoal

Mesquite tree charcoal The B&B charcoal from the mesquite tree is one of a kind and therefore a popular charcoal. Like the hickory charcoal, it has a very distinctive and subtle smoke aroma, but slightly sharper than the hickory. A smoky aroma that goes perfectly with dishes with beef, pork, game and cheese.


B&B mesquite charcoal comes from the USA, they have contracts with local farmers so they know where the wood comes from to ensure the best quality.

Features Mesquite Lump Chearcoal

Smoke aroma: Subtle with a sharp edge
Burning hours: at 110 degrees approx. 17h
Ease of temperature control: Simple
Size: Medium pieces

View B&B Mesquite Charcoal

charcoal faq

The answer to this question is very personal. Want a premium brand of charcoal with refined flavors? Or a charcoal type that burns for a very long time and you can add some extra flavour with some smokewood? One type burns a little longer than the other and has a different taste profile.

Our tip, look above and see which type of charcoal you like the most, and try everything out and decide what you like to work with and taste like.

This question is frequently asked by people who want to plan their cooking times and optimize the efficiency of their charcoal use. The durability of charcoal can vary depending on factors such as the type of charcoal, the size of the fuel and the airflow in the grill. In general, high-quality charcoal can last a long time and give off consistent heat, allowing you to enjoy your BBQ experience longer.

This demand reflects the need for practical advice and tips on how to safely and effectively light charcoal for a successful barbecue. There are several methods for lighting charcoal, such as using firelighters, an electric starter or a chimney starter. It is important to take safety precautions and ensure proper airflow to ensure even combustion.

This frequently asked question shows people’s confusion and curiosity about the differences between charcoal and briquettes as fuel for their barbecue. Charcoal is made by heating logs at a high temperature, while briquettes are made by compressed sawdust and other materials.

This question reveals the curiosity and passion of BBQ enthusiasts to enrich their dishes with delicious flavors. The type of charcoal used can affect the taste of the food.

Different woods give off unique aromas that can permeate the meat, fish or vegetables. For example, oak charcoal can add a robust flavor, while apple charcoal can add a more subtle and fruity flavor. It is an exciting adventure to discover which charcoals best suit the desired flavor profiles and dishes. The flavor that charcoal adds to BBQ dishes can create a profound emotion, with each bite evoking an explosion of delicious flavors and memories. It is a true culinary journey where the aromas of charcoal tantalize the senses and indulge the taste buds, making every BBQ experience unforgettable.

Briquettes, mostly used in steel bbqs or open fires. Fine for this kind of bbq but if you have a kamado, of course you want to use really high-quality charcoal.

This fuel has a number of advantages over briquettes:

  • No binders (chemical)
  • Less ash, more room for oxygen
  • Getting hotter
  • Burns more stable
  • Fire longer
  • Nicer smoke aroma

Sort your charcoal, large pieces at the bottom of the kamado, small pieces and pieces you reuse on top. This will allow enough oxygen to reach your charcoal, and your charcoal will not collapse as quickly. This gives you a more stable temperature during your entire bbq session.

Fill your kamado to 2 cm below the edge of the firebox. Use 1 kindling or make 1 fire with the firestarter if you want to do a low and slow preparation, or if you are a kamado newbie.

Use multiple kindling wicks or multiple fire pits if you want to cook at a higher temperature.

You can already close the lid of your (Grill Bill) BBQ when your firelighter or kindling wick(s) are extinguished. After about. 11 to 15 minutes. You can choose to keep the lid open a little longer so the temperature rises a little faster. You do this especially if you are going to do a quick/hot preparation.

If you are using your heat deflector and or cast iron grate, put it in your kamado after 15 min of lighting. This way they can quietly warm up so you don’t get any damage.

  1. Don’t use a chimney or chimney as you sometimes find them at Weber. Charcoal that burns can get as hot as 800 degrees. If you dump this into a cold kamado you have a chance of something getting damaged or broken.
  2. Those white chemical firelighters? Throw them in the trash, the chemical air gets into the open structure of your kamado.
  3. Heating up too quickly in cold and damp weather. Allow the kamado to reach temperature slowly, this will allow moisture trapped in the ceramic to evaporate quietly. Preferably an hour at 100 degrees, then slowly increase in 20-degree increments.


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