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Chicken Sitter 28cm – Valhal Outdoor

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Product information: Chicken Sitter 28cm – Valhal Outdoor

Chicken sitter

With this chicken sitter from Valhal Outdoor, you can prepare vegetables or potatoes directly in addition to the chicken. The latter you put in the tray around the chicken. The fats from the chicken drip into the pan and add a delicious flavor to the vegetables and/or potatoes.

In the little reservoir where you put the chicken you can put broth, beer, wine and even fresh herbs. This adds extra flavor to the chicken.

Cast iron

Cast iron is a material that conducts and retains heat well, also cast iron is suitable for any heat source.


The cast iron of Valhal Outdoor is already pre-treated with a natural oil, so you do not have to do this yourself before the first use. Nevertheless, we do recommend that you heat the pan thoroughly before using it for the first time. When you take good care of your Chicken Sitter, you have a pan for life. To ensure longevity, we recommend taking care of your pan regularly with the VH.WAX.


Weight: 3.5 kg
Material: Cast Iron
Persons: 3 ~ 4
Extra: Spout
Dimensions: 34 (L) x 28 (W) x 10 (H) cm

This Chicken Sitter fits both the Grill Bill 21 inch kamados and the 23.5 inch kamados.

Additional information

Weight 3,5 kg



Customer Reviews

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Danny d.l. (Antwerp, BE)
Chicken sitter

Heel mooi en leuk pannetje voor kip te maken ! Heel goede kwaliteit .

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