Discover the charm of table bbq with a shichirin grill


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If you are looking for a unique way to enjoy a
table bbq
, then the shichirin grill is a perfect choice. This traditional Japanese barbecue offers a cozy and intimate cooking experience ideal for small groups. Whether you opt for the round shichirin, which you can feast on for nearly six people, or the rectangular version that is perfect for a group of nearly five, you are guaranteed an unforgettable culinary experience.

The versatility of the shichirin table bbq

The shichirin grill is known for its versatility and ease of use. Here are some reasons why this grill is a must-have for any bbq lover:

  • Compact and portable: take your shichirin with you wherever you go.
  • Super hot, your dishes are ready quickly
  • Even heat distribution: for perfectly cooked dishes.

These properties make the shichirin a favorite among both young and old. It is the ideal way to get together and enjoy freshly prepared food.

A cozy evening with the Grill Bill Shichiring table bbq

With the Grill Bill Shichiring table bbq, you bring into your home not only a piece of Japanese cooking, but also a source of conviviality. It is an experience that brings people together and involves everyone in the preparation of the meal. The social aspect of grilling together strengthens bonds and makes for wonderful memories.

What is the difference between a shichirin and a hibachi grill?

A shichirin is usually made of ceramic and designed to use binchotan charcoal, which provides high and constant heat. A hibachi grill is often metal and can use different types of charcoal.

It is important to clean the grill thoroughly after each use. Allow the grill to cool completely and remove ashes and remaining charcoal. Clean the grill with a brush and wipe the inside with a damp cloth.

Shichirin grills are intended for outdoor use because of the carbon monoxide released from burning charcoal.

Want to use it inside anyway? Always ensure adequate ventilation, open windows against each other, and set the hood to turbo!

The possibilities are endless: from yakitori (Japanese chicken skewers) and grilled vegetables to seafood and even small steaks. Experiment and discover your favorite dishes!

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The most suitable type of charcoal for a Shichirin Grill is so-called “Binchotan” or white charcoal. Binchotan is a high-quality charcoal variety traditionally used in Japanese kitchens and known for its purity and long burn time. Here are a few reasons why Binchotan is suitable for a Shichirin Grill:

  1. High burning temperature: Binchotan reaches high temperatures quickly, making it ideal for quick and even grilling of food.

  2. Minimal smoke: Binchotan produces significantly less smoke compared to regular charcoal, resulting in a cleaner and purer taste of the grilled food.

  3. Long burning time: Binchotan has the ability to burn slowly and evenly, giving you longer grilling time without adding charcoal often.

  4. Little odor and taste: Binchotan has little odor and taste, so it does not affect the natural taste of your dishes.

  5. Efficient use: Because Binchotan is compact and burns efficiently, you need less charcoal for the same grilling results, making it cost-effective.

When using Binchotan, be sure to take proper safety precautions and place it in your Shichirin Grill according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This contributes to an optimal grilling experience with a Shichirin.

Marabu charcoal

In addition to Binchotan, Marabu charcoal is also a suitable choice for use in a Shichirin Grill. Marabu charcoal, derived from the Marabu bush in Cuba, has some properties that make it ideal for grilling:

  1. High burning temperature: Marabu charcoal reaches high temperatures quickly, making it suitable for powerful and efficient food grilling.

  2. Minimal smoke production: Similar to Binchotan, Marabu charcoal generally produces less smoke, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner grilling experience with less smoke production.

  3. Longer burn time: Marabu charcoal tends to burn slowly and evenly, giving you longer grilling time without frequent refills.

  4. Natural flavor: Marabu charcoal has a subtle, natural flavor that does not overly affect the taste of the grilled food, preserving the original flavors.

Using Marabu charcoal in a Shichirin Grill offers you an alternative option for high-quality grilling, and it is important to follow the proper amount and the manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines for an optimal grilling experience. Feel free to experiment with both types of charcoal to discover which best suits your personal preferences.

Choose quality and conviviality with Grill Bill

When considering a new table bbq, it is important to choose quality and a brand that exudes confidence. Grill Bill Shichiring grills are a symbol not only of durability and craftsmanship, but also of conviviality and culinary discovery. Choose a Grill Bill and make every meal a special experience.

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