Shipping Kamados

If you order a kamado from us it will be delivered free of charge throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, with the exception of the Wadden Islands (+90,-) and Zeeuws Vlaanderen (+35,-). If you live within a radius of 100 km from Eindhoven, we’ll even deliver it personally (Monday through Friday in the morning/early afternoon).

We deliver all over Europe, do you want your order delivered abroad? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Delivery time: We will always contact you to agree on a delivery time. This way we can be sure that we won’t find ourselves in front of a closed door.

If you live a little further than 100km, we will use a trusted transporter. In both cases the kamado is delivered within 1 to 4 working days.. Provided in stock of courseso check the stock status on the product page.

Delivery time: We work closely with our delivery partner Micodo. They send a text message the night before delivery after 6pm with the time period in which they will come. We will always contact you prior to scheduling to coordinate which day you will be home.


  • Note: Do you live in an apartment and/or have a balcony or (roof) terrace? In that case, keep in mind to hire extra help for the lugging work. We don’t ask our delivery people to lift.
  • The kamado will be delivered to where the pallet truck can drive, if you have gravel in your yard or driveway, or an elevation, keep in mind that the kamado will be delivered to that point.

Mounting the kamado

If you order a kamado from us it will be delivered in a sturdy box. The kamado is for 90% already assembled. All you have to do is assemble the base, side tables, daisy wheel and handle. This will take about 20 to 30 minutes. Of course a clear Dutch manual is included. While ordering you can also subscribe to the mailing, then you will receive an email every day for 5 days with installation and user tips. We cannot deliver the kamados assembled.

Grill Bill Pick Up

You want to come and pick up your Grill Bill kamado? Of course you can, if you order it online you can choose pickup during checkout. We will then place your order as the weeding team ready, and send you a message when you can come and pick it up.

Shipping accessories

If you order an accessory from us it will be delivered to you by PostNL. You will receive an e-mail containing the tracking details so that you can follow your package online.

  • NL Order amount < 80,- Shipping costs 6.95 per order.
  • NL Order amount > 80,- Free shipping.
  • BE Order amount < 80,- Shipping costs 8,- per order.
  • BE Order amount > 80,- Free shipping.

Shipping Charcoal

Charcoal, high volume, heavy, low margin, but of course we want you to be able to order it online from us. You can order unlimited charcoal from us, but we do charge a surcharge.

  • NL, 6,95 t/m 2 bags a 10 kilo
  • NL 5.50 per va. 3 bags a 10 kilos
  • BE 8,- up to 2 bags a 10 kilo
  • BE 7.75 va. 3 bags a 10 kilos

Tot €370,- Korting Op Pro Kamado's
30% korting op max. 5 Grill Bill accessoires
gratis 10 jaar extra garantie
Pre-Order deals
Geldig t/m 03-07-24

Of zolang de voorraad strekt

Doe onze online kamado cursus, haal je examen, upload je certificaat, en je krijgt 10 jaar extra garantie t.w.v 250,- op jouw Pro kamado. Meer weten? Check de voorwaarden.

Up to €370,- Discount On Pro Kamados
30% discount on up to 5 Grill Bill accessories
free 10-year additional warranty
Pre-Order deals
Valid until 03-07-24

Or while supplies last

Take our online kamado course, pass your exam, upload your certificate, and get an additional 10-year warranty worth 250.00 on your Pro kamado. Want to know more? Check conditions.


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