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Green on coal

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No burnt hands, with these gloves you can safely lift your grill and heat deflector off the hot bbq. Or if you’re flaring a thick steak, you’d better be well prepared with these bbq gloves.


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Product information: Green on coal

Green on Coal

For Leonard Elenbaas and Jeroen Hazebroek, grilling no longer holds any secrets. With Green on coals, they show how versatile a vegetarian BBQ can be. They assume different methods of preparing vegetables, such as roasting, roasting and grilling, wok cooking, and slow and indirect cooking.

Green, greener, greenest

In addition to being vegetarian or even vegan, most of their recipes are even gluten-free. Featuring recipes for slow-cooked cauliflower, grilled fruit, vegan burgers and spicy wok recipes.

ISBN: 9789059569249
Pages: 136
Publication date: 09-05-2019

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Jeroen Hazenbroek, Leonard Elenbaas

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