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If we really look at our core, and ask ourselves, “what does Grill Bill really stand for? Then our final product is crystal clear. Enjoying, enjoying life, enjoying with friends and family, and making memories to think back on every day. Our kamados are the perfect medium for that, BBQ stands for bringing people together where you have fun. Therefore, we are now embarking on a new adventure, a Grill Bill vacation home, with outdoor cooking on fire as the basis.

Nagykoros, Hungary, is about to become your new favorite vacation destination. Grill Bill is expanding and starting next year will offer two luxury vacation homes for rent, equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable stay in the middle of nature. In this article, we take you through the unique experience you can expect in our vacation rentals.

A Glimpse of What’s Waiting for You

Before we get into the details, here is a brief overview of what this blog will cover:

  • Location and surroundings of vacation homes
  • Luxury amenities such as outdoor kitchens and outdoor pools
  • Natural tranquility and wildlife spotting
  • Local culinary experiences
  • Private grilling workshops with a grill master
  • Activities nearby, including a giant safari park
  • Hiking, biking
  • Discover Budapest, one of the world’s most beautiful cities!

Does this sound like your ideal vacation? Read on to discover all the details.

The Location: Peace and Nature in Nagykoros

Located just an hour’s drive from Budapest, Nagykoros offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our detached vacation homes are located in the middle of nature, where you can enjoy birdsong during the day and admire breathtaking starry skies at night. The area is the same distance as southern France, but with a Hungarian twist.

Luxury Amenities for an Unforgettable Experience

At Grill Bill, everything is about comfort and luxury. Our vacation homes have fantastic outdoor kitchens, where you can grill and cook while enjoying the fresh air. There is also a fire pit for cozy evenings by the campfire, and a lovely outdoor pool to cool off during the hot summer days.

A Paradise for Nature Lovers

If you are an early bird, you will be lucky enough to spot wildlife such as deer, woodpeckers and pheasants. During the day, you are surrounded by the sound of birds and other animals, creating a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Culinary Indulgence: Fresh and Local

One of the highlights of your stay at Grill Bill is the culinary offerings. Vegetables come from our own vegetable garden, the eggs are from our own chickens, and the meat is top quality and comes from local farmers. You can specify when booking if you want to use these fresh ingredients for the ultimate grilling experience.

Private Grilling Workshops: Learn from the Best

Want to improve your grilling skills? Then book a private workshop with a real grill master. He gives you all the ins and outs about cooking on fire, so you can impress your friends and family at home with your new skills.

Discover the Environment: Activities for Everyone

There is plenty to do near our vacation homes. Just steps away you will find a huge safari park, perfect for a day out with the kids. Hungary is also known for its affordability. For just 12 to 15 euros, you can enjoy a delicious dish at local restaurants.

Or take a day trip to one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world; Budapest.

Another beautiful town nearby, Keckskemet, just a half-hour drive away.

Why Choose Grill Bill in Hungary?

Nagykoros offers a unique blend of natural tranquility, upscale amenities and affordable luxury. It is the ideal place to completely unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you come for the culinary delights, the peaceful nature or the fun activities nearby, Grill Bill’s vacation rentals have it all.

Vacation home #1 Oroszlán Tanya

To give you a bit of an idea of what fantastic surroundings you will find yourself in, we have already taken some drone shots of Oroszlán Tanya, or lion heath. A name that symbolizes the Lion seen in the coat of arms of the Netherlands. This typical Hungarian vacation home was recently completely renovated and can accommodate 6 people. You have 4600m2 of enclosed garden at your disposal, where this year we are going to start building a covered outdoor kitchen, so that you are even dry, should it rain once in a while. It is about 40% drier than in the Netherlands, summers are also a lot longer and warmer.

Vacation home #2 Rita Tanya

Named after my (Bobby) mother, a woman who to me symbolizes hospitality, love and friendship. And the reason we created Grill Bill in the first place. She is sadly no longer with us, which is why we are naming our 2nd vacation home after her. So that she is still secretly there. We don’t have images of this vacation home yet, but will follow soon.


It is not yet possible to book right now, but you can already sign up for the newsletter, then you will be the first to be notified as soon as our vacation homes can be booked.


The price for a week’s vacation will be so between 850,- and 1300,- per week, depending on the season.

In addition, you can order BBQ packages, charcoal, and wood to make fire with from us. You can also book a workshop or private grill master, so you can get to grips with the intricacies of outdoor cooking on fire all by yourself. Depending on your needs, we will provide a price for this.

Grill Bill Deals

Did you buy a Grill Bill from us? Then you get a 10% friend discount on your stay. Or if you purchase a Grill Bill afterwards, you get 5% off your Grill Bill kamado.

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