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BBQ Smoking Boards 40 cm – Grill Fanatics

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No burnt hands, with these gloves you can safely lift your grill and heat deflector off the hot bbq. Or if you’re flaring a thick steak, you’d better be well prepared with these bbq gloves.


2 In Stock


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Product information: BBQ Smoking Boards 40 cm – Grill Fanatics

Grill Fanatics BBQ Smoking Boards

The cedar wood smoking boards give a delicious and powerful smoke flavor to your dishes. This flavor matches perfectly with various types of fish, and is definitely a good addition with various types of vegetables as well.

  • 2 pieces
  • 40cm
  • FSC110%


You can clean these boards after use so you can reuse them again. You can reuse them just as many times until they fall apart.

You can use these smoking boards dry and wet. Dry application, is instant smoke. Wet application is steam first, then smoke, for example for drier dishes like cod.

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