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Leather Grill Bill BBQ Apron Deluxe

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Product information: Leather Grill Bill BBQ Apron Deluxe

Unique bbq apron by Grill Bill, Made in Holland and made of Italian quality leather in a beautiful cognac color. With Grill Bill’s initials branded on the bottom left of the apron, and the Grill Bill logo itself branded on the chest.

Unique Design, by Grill Bill

Together with a leather supplier from North Brabant we sat down to see how we could make a simple bbq apron unique. We quickly agreed on that. The unique thing about this apron is that we made the part at the right knee longer, so you don’t get dirty pants from the tea towel you hang on the leather loop. And because it is an asymmetrical design, it also looks much cooler than a typical straight design.

Super supple leather

The leather has undergone a special treatment that makes it very supple so the apron is fine to wear all day without feeling uncomfortable.

This Grill Bill BBQ Apron is adjustable at the neck as well as around your waist, making this apron fit everyone. This apron is for both men and women.

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