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Lomo Al Trapo Caveman style, with Aji Picante Sauce


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With this recipe from you will steal the show, friends and family don’t know what they see when you put a burnt piece of cloth on the table and say; “So guys here is your dinner!”

Lomo Al Trapo, which literally means loin in cloth. This might be the coolest dish to make on the barbecue. If you want to impress your friends and family with your bbq skills, then this bbq recipe is success guaranteed. Promise! If they see a burned piece of tea towel coming out of your bbq, and they see the result, they won’t hear a thing. You can hear a pin drop. This is how quiet your guests will become after seeing this mighty piece of meat. And they haven’t even had a chance to taste anything yet, you can imagine. Your evening’s already ruined.

This recipe comes from Colombia. We are going to use some white powder in this dish, but this is not the #1 export product of this country ;-). We are going to wrap the meat in a cloth with a thick layer of salt and spices, that salt will become a hard thick crust as it comes off the hot coals. Yes you read it right, you put the meat in the cloth directly on the hot coals, AKA caveman style.

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