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Must Have Accessories for your Kamado BBQ


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What kamado bbq accessories are important? If you own a kamado BBQ, you know that this versatile grill allows you to prepare delicious dishes with a unique flavor. But to get the most out of your kamado BBQ, there are some essential accessories to consider. In this article you will discover which accessories are important to take your kamado BBQ experience to the next level. From practical tools to flavorful additions, we have everything you need to improve your barbecue skills!

What kamado bbq accessories are important?

To have a great barbecue experience with your kamado BBQ, there are several accessories you should not miss. Here are some important accessories to consider:

1. Grill riser

A grill riser is an indispensable accessory for your kamado BBQ. This raiser allows you to raise the grill surface, giving you more space to cook different dishes at the same time. Whether it’s juicy steaks or grilled vegetables, a grill rack riser allows you to cook more food without compromising on quality.

2. Pizza stone

A pizza stone is a great addition to your kamado BBQ accessories. With a pizza stone, you can bake delicious homemade pizza with a crispy crust and flavorful base. The heat distribution of the kamado BBQ combined with the pizza stone ensures even and crispy cooking of the pizza. You’ll be amazed at the results!

3. Smokewood

Smoking wood is an essential accessory for those who like to experiment with flavors. With different types of smoking wood, such as apple wood, mesquite or hickory, you can add a delicious smoke flavor to your dishes. Simply add a handful of smoking wood to the charcoal and enjoy the subtle aromas that take your dishes to the next level.

4. Charcoal

Charcoal is the most commonly used fuel for barbecue because it produces intense heat and imparts a smoky flavor to food. Charcoal is made by burning wood with little oxygen, causing the water and volatiles to evaporate, leaving only the carbon. The type of wood used to make the charcoal can affect the taste of your food because different types of wood give off different aromas. It is important to choose good quality charcoal for the barbecue because cheaper and poor quality charcoal often produce more ash and burn out faster.

5. Cast iron pans

Cast iron pans are a must-have for any bbq lover, these robust pans are easy to maintain, but more importantly, you can prepare delicious dishes with them. Cast iron pans come in many shapes and sizes, with the skillet, and the Dutch oven being the most popular.

6. Grill tongs with extended handle

A good grill tong with an extended handle is a must-have accessory for your kamado BBQ. It allows you to stay at a safe distance from the heat while turning over your dishes. The extended handle adds convenience and control, allowing you to handle your food with precision. With sturdy and durable grilling tongs, you can confidently show off your barbecue skills.

7. Digital meat thermometer

A digital meat thermometer is an essential tool to ensure your meat is perfectly cooked. With an accurate thermometer, you can measure the internal temperature of your meat to achieve the desired doneness. Whether you want to grill a juicy steak or cook a tasty poultry, a digital meat thermometer gives you the assurance that your dishes are cooked to perfection.

8. BBQ gloves

Safety is paramount when barbecuing, which is why BBQ gloves are an essential accessory. These heat-resistant gloves protect your hands and forearms from the intense heat of the kamado BBQ. You can work with hot coals, grills and accessories comfortably and without worry. Invest in a pair of high-quality BBQ gloves and enjoy a safe and worry-free barbecue experience.

9. Marinade syringe

A marinade syringe is a handy accessory for infusing your meat with flavorful marinades. With a marinade syringe, you can inject the marinade directly into the meat, allowing it to absorb the flavors and become more tender during cooking. Whether it’s juicy chicken breasts or tender pork fillets, a marinade spray adds an extra dimension of flavor to your dishes.

10. Grill plate

A grill plate/ plancha is a handy accessory for preparing delicate dishes that would otherwise fall through the grill. With a grill plate, you can easily grill chopped vegetables, seafood or even eggs without them ending up in the fire. The grill plate features small holes that ensure heat is evenly distributed and your dishes are cooked perfectly. With a grill you can prepare a wide range of tasty and varied dishes.

11. Charcoal basket

If you barbecue often then of course you want to spend as little time as possible filling, lighting and cleaning yes kamado. This is why the charcoal basket is one of the most popular accessories. It improves airflow in your kamado, and changing and adding charcoal is a snap. This charcoal basket comes standard with our Pro Large and Pro XL kamado.

12. Smart Qooking System Multilevel system.

Barbecue directly over hot coals, and indirectly over hot coals. You can do that with the Smart Qooking System Multilevel system. And then you can also cook on different levels.

Frequently asked questions about kamado BBQ accessories

Now that we have discussed the most important accessories for your kamado BBQ, let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

1. What accessories come standard with Grill Bill?

Our kamados already come super-complete. You can find exactly what comes standard on the product page of our kamados.

Quickly view all of our kamado bbqs

2. Which kamado bbq accessories are most essential?

The most essential kamado BBQ accessories are the grill grid riser, pizza stone, smoking wood, cast iron grate and BBQ gloves. These accessories enhance your cooking experience and allow you to prepare a wide range of dishes.

3. Why is a digital meat thermometer important?

A digital meat thermometer is important because it helps you achieve the proper doneness of your meat. It prevents your meat from being overcooked or just too raw, so you always put perfectly prepared meat on the table.

4. Are BBQ gloves really necessary?

Yes, BBQ gloves are essential for your safety while barbecuing. They protect your hands and forearms from the intense heat and prevent burns.

5. Can I use regular smoke chips in my kamado BBQ?

Yes, you can use regular smoke chips in your kamado BBQ. However, be sure to use high-quality smoking chips suitable for food preparation. Avoid using woods treated with chemicals.

6. Can I use a kamado BBQ without accessories?

Yes, you can use a kamado BBQ without accessories. However, the accessories are designed to enhance your barbecue experience and expand its capabilities. They allow you to prepare more dishes and give you more control over the cooking process.

7. Are kamado BBQ accessories expensive?

The price of kamado BBQ accessories varies depending on the brand and quality of the product. Accessories are available in different price ranges, so there is something for every budget. Invest in high-quality accessories that will last and take your barbecue experience to the next level.


What kamado bbq accessories are important? Having the right accessories for your kamado BBQ is essential to enjoy your barbecue experience to the fullest. Whether you are a novice grill master or an experienced griller, these accessories will help you take your dishes to the next level and improve your skills.

From the grill grid riser and pizza stone to smoking wood and BBQ gloves, each accessory has its own unique function and benefits. They offer convenience, safety and new possibilities for preparing different dishes. With these accessories you can enlarge your grilling surface, add flavorful smoke flavors, create perfect grill stripes, measure the doneness of your meat and much more.

Choosing the right kamado BBQ accessories depends on your personal preferences and cooking style. Take the time to experiment and discover which accessories suit you best. Whether you like juicy steaks, enjoy baking pizza or want to discover new flavors, there is an accessory for every culinary desire.

So, invest in high-quality kamado BBQ accessories that will last and take your barbecue experience to new heights. Unleash your creativity and enjoy delicious dishes together with friends and family. With the right accessories, every barbecue becomes an unforgettable event.

Many more accessories

This list is only a small part of the accessories you can all buy for the kamado. If you want to learn more about what’s available, check out all the accessories on our website. Not getting there or need advice? Please contact us.


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