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Those who love their Grill Bill kamado BBQ will keep it clean and do regular maintenance just like you do with your car or bike (if it’s okay). Some Grill Bill owners even talk to their Bill and say sweet things when they have eaten again. A little love, that’s important.

Grill Bill Ceramics

The Grill Bill is made of the best ceramic you can find and even comes from the same factory as a very well-known American brand; the Kamado Joe, so quality assured.

Once you have taken your Grill Bill kamado out of the box and assembled it, you naturally want to cook lots of tasty things straight away. And fire up your kamado to see what your Bill’s up to. Of course you can, but there are a few things you should pay attention to. “Better Safe than Sorry”

1. The first 5 times

The ceramic and the metal have to get used to each other and settle, be a bit careful the first 5 times and don’t heat it higher than 250 degrees Celsius, after that you can go wild.

2. Preparation of the charcoal

Do NOT use a coal starter (Chimney) that is often used with the Weber, because the coal gets too hot in the kamado it can cause a thermal shock. This may cause the firebox, fire ring or even the dome to tear, which will also void the right to warranty.

Always use charcoal in combination with lighting sockets or an electric fire starter, so that the coals become evenly hot and the kamado can get used to the temperature.

3. Chemical mess

Those white firelighters, briquettes and spirit are passe now, you’re a real pitmaster with your Grill Bill now. So say goodbye to children’s toys. These products are chemical and the smell of this rubbish is completely absorbed in the ceramics. Don’t want to, because you just want to eat good food without any chemical flavor.

4. Bolts, nuts and screws

Re-tighten all bolts, nuts and screws after barbecuing 3 times. Because of the heat, the ceramics and metal works, so it is possible that the screws and bolts are a bit loose. Check this regularly afterwards. Also the little screw at the bottom of the marginal disc.

5. Moisture is a kamadokiller

Has it been damp and cold outside or have you not used your kamado for a few days? Let’s warm him up! This will allow the moisture to evaporate quietly, preventing damage to your kamado. Preferably a 50 to 60 minutes at a maximum of 100 degrees. So take it easy if you want to barbecue at a high temperature (above 170 degrees).

6. Leave Ashes behind

Always leave a layer of ash in your Grill Bill, this will gradually raise the temperature as the air flow is slightly blocked.

7. Clean burning

Don’t be tempted by wild west stories on the Internet about clean burning and deep cleaning. Preventing damage is better than replacing it! Burn clean; a temperature of 250 degrees is perfectly fine, half an hour at this temperature and your kamado is clean again. The ceramics don’t have to be completely white. For us, this is often an indication of too high a temperature.

8. Stand cremation

Baking pizzas; this doesn’t have to be done at 350 degrees, often your bottom is already burnt before your toppings are cooked. A temperature of 250 max 280 degrees is good.

9. Ceramic parts

Are you going to work at a high temperature? Put the heat deflector, grid and pizza stone in the kamado when it is still under 120 degrees, this way everything can gradually warm up and you avoid thermoshock and damage to the parts.

10. Fresh charcoal

Use fresh charcoal if you haven’t used your kamado for a while, charcoal retains moisture and you can’t use it with a fire, can you?

Pro tip: Maintenance

The kamado is made for standing outside in all weathers. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to look after it any further. Maintaining your kamado not only ensures that everything stays nice longer, it also ensures that you can enjoy your Grill Bill longer and more.

Do these conditions only apply to Grill Bill?

No, whether you’ve got a BGE, Primo, kamado Joe, or a Bastard. These rules apply to every kamado. Be careful with your stuff, that way you’ll have the longest fun of your kamado, and we won’t have any angry customers.


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