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Charcoal and smoke / Pitmaster Lighting Wicks

Pitmaster Lighting Wicks

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Your Grill Bill is ready within 10 minutes with these firelighters. The lid can be closed when the lighters are extinguished


Temporarily unavailable

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Product information: Pitmaster Lighting Wicks

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Lighting woks from pitmaster

Light your bbq with these Pitmaster lighting wicks. Place 1, 2 or 3 pieces on the charcoal and light them. Ensure a good airflow and your BBQ is at the right temperature within minutes

The Pitmaster firelighters are made of untreated wood, plant based- and food suitable waxes and natural resins. The combustion is therefore poison free and practically odorless, and they are a much better alternative than the chemical firelighters!

Place only 1 firelighter on the charcoal and it burns long enough to make the coal blaze. Of course, they can also be used for lighting fireplaces, stoves and campfires.

Tip: Make a pyramid of charcoal around your kindling wick so your charcoal will be on even faster. Watch for smoke development, no white smoke should be released, which is a signal that indicates insufficient oxygen. Make sure there is plenty of space and oxygen around your woggle.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Philippe S. (Diepenbeek, BE)

Slechts een paar nodig om onze Bill in vuur en vlam te zetten , top product 👌

Anoniem (Zundert, NL)

Goed om de grill bill mee aan te steken fijne wokkels

Peter H. (Rotterdam, NL)
Top product

Binnen no time heb je Bill Grill op temperatuur.

John K. (Heerhugowaard, NL)
Aanmaak wokkels

De simpelste manier om je grill Bill aan te steken 👍

Flygo (Leidschendam, NL)
Prima wokkels

Tja wat kun je hier nou over zeggen 😀. Ze doen precies af ze moeten doen. Gebruik er zelf vaak 2 a 3 en dan rustig afwachten tot je Bbq de rest doet. Werkt in ieder geval prima.

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