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Product information: Premium Charcoal Blend – Freezing Coals

Freezing Coals Premium Blend

This 10 Kg bag of “Freezing Coals” contains a mix of oak, birch, hornbeam and 5% apple and pear charcoal in Premium restaurant quality. Contrary to what the name Freezing Coales might suggest, this charcoal gets blazing hot, and is also easily controlled in temperature. Ideal for the kamado.

This mix has a pleasant fragrance without being overpowering to your BBQ dishes in the process.

Charcoal blend, in the mix

This 10-kilo bag contains 5 types of wood, each with its own properties. For example, the hard oak wood provides a long burn time and an oak aroma; the softer birch and beech wood allows for easy ignition and fine control. And the apple and pear wood adds a delicious extra smoke flavor. The best of all worlds you might say.

Long burn time

Freezing Coals charcoal consists of large chunks of hardwood and softwood, a combination that ensures the coals heat up quickly and have a long burn time. The long burn time (3 to 4 hours on grill setting, 180/ 220 degrees, and up to 16 hours on low and slow setting, 90 to 120 degrees) makes this blend perfect for use in your kamado.

Ideal for grill lovers and the Low & Slow sessions.

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Apple, Beech, Birch, Oak, Peer



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