What we collect and why

To properly process your order we collect a number of data, we will briefly explain why we need certain data from you:

Name, email, IP address and payment information.


Name, address and residence. We need this information so that the package deliverer from PostNL or Bpost knows where to go.Email

You will receive an order confirmation, shipping confirmation and invoice by email from us. We will also ask you by email to rate us/the product and with your permission we will also deliver newsletters and offers to your digital mailbox. Do you prefer not to receive newsletters and offers? Unsubscribing is a snap, as you can easily do this at the bottom of the newsletter itself. Of course, you can also tell customer service that you no longer wish to receive anything.IP address

We recognize you in our webshop through your IP address. This allows us to remember your preferences, and give you appropriate advice. By remembering your IP address, we can also immediately ensure that no one else uses your personal account at Grill Bill.Payment details

You can pay for your order with us in a secure payment environment. When you pay by iDeal or bank transfer, your information enters the secure environment of Pay.co.uk. Furthermore, we only use your bank account number when you receive money back from us. When you pay by credit card, we also send your credit card information directly to Pay.co.uk from our secure environment. They make our credit card payments. In doing so, we don’t get to see your credit card information, Pay.co.uk only tells us if your payment was successful. We have a processor agreement with Pay.nl, which includes strict agreements on what they are allowed to keep track of. Pay.nl may not use the data for other purposes. In addition, when placing your order you have the option to pay via your own Paypal account or afterwards via Afterpay. Again, we only see if the payment succeeded, nothing else.* Exact online

Grill Bill’s records are maintained in Exact online. We have signed a processor agreement with Exact online, which includes strict agreements on what they keep track of. Exact online may not use the data for other purposes.

Here’s what else we do with your data

Commercial spam from you-know-who, that doesn’t cheer anyone up. Neither do we. We will therefore not share your data with third parties for this reason. This we do:

Customer service

We use Belco to track how visitors and customers use our website and to offer visitors and customers customer service via chat, Facebook chat, phone and/or email. To do this, we use your naw data, billing address, ip address, phone number, email address, and profile picture if applicable. We do this based on your consent. We have a processor agreement with Belco, which includes strict agreements on what they are allowed to keep. Belco may not use the data for any other purpose. We retain this information for 6 months after the last point of contact and/or after the end of service to you.Account

Your personal Hilox account contains your private data. By remembering this, you won’t have to fill everything in again and again.Newsletters

You can sign up for our newsletters. Would you rather not receive any more newsletters? Then you can unsubscribe at any time. This can be done in the newsletter itself or through customer service.Reviews

By creating a review you can help other customers, you can give them a better picture of Grill Bill and its products. Reviews are posted with the help of Yotpo.Actions

Are you participating in a Grill Bill win action? Then we need your details so we can contact you in the event of a win.Advice, especially for you

By visiting our webshop, liking us on various social media or placing an order, we know better who you are. We do our best to show you useful ads and help you get great deals. Want to know more about this? Then you can also take a look at what cookies we use.Improvements

The better we know our customers, the more responsive we can be. By tracking “customer behavior”-read: number of clicks, pages visited on website, zooming in and out, etc.-we can create content that suits you.

Personal data is yours

Want to view, change or delete data? You can. You can do this through your personal account or by contacting customer service. If you feel that we are not protecting your data properly and you are unable to resolve the issue with our customer service, as a customer you have the right to file a complaint with the AP (Personal Data Authority).

Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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