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If you’re not a fan of salmon yet, this is the dish that will win you over. Simple, tasty and great fun to make yourself.

Warm smoked salmon from the smoking board with limecrème fraiche

Recipe by Bill
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Course: appetizer, appetizer, main courseCuisine: FishDifficulty: Medium




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  • 2 stk Fresh salmon slice

  • 1 hand Coarse sea salt

  • 1 hand Brown sugar

  • 1 glass Whiskey

  • 1 container Crème fraiche

  • 1 jar Lemon curd

  • 2 stk Smoking boards

  • 1 stk Bowl for the sauce

  • 1 stk BBQ with indirect setup at 90 degrees

  • 1 stk Core temperature gauge


  • Place the smoking boards in cold water
  • If necessary, cut the salmon into portions (you decide how big the pieces will be)
  • Marinate the salmon with some sea salt, brown sugar and whiskey. You may add this marinade to taste.
  • In a bowl, mix the lemon curd with crème fraiche, ratio 1:4. Set aside.
  • Remove the smoking boards from the water and place the salmon on them.
  • Place the boards on the BBQ and let the salmon cook gently. The time depends on the piece of fish; the thicker the salmon, the longer it will take. Chefu0027s Tip: By feeling, you can determine if the fish is cooked. The salmon should not be completely cooked inside; the inside should remain slightly pink. Any doubts? The core temperature should go to 50 degrees
  • Is the salmon cooked? Then serve these with the lime cream. Tasty!


  • For this recipe, we used our Grill Bill Pro L kamado bbq. But of course this can also be prepared on one of our other kamados, all of which are equipped with a heat deflector. (*except for the Small kamados)

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