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What is the difference between grilling and roasting?


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A question for many, a knowledge for us. Well, here it comes!


This can be done through 2 cooking techniques. The first is the best known, that is barbecuing, preferably on the griddle or grill of a kamado bbq, but another bbq is also allowed. Roasting can also be done on a spit, also called a rotisserie. And if you choose to use a grill, preferably use a cast iron one, it will give you those wonderfully thick maillard stripes on your products.

The 2nd technique is to roast seeds and nuts. Do this in a dry, preferably cast iron pan or grill on medium heat. You can use charcoal or briquettes. You can choose to rub the pan with a little olive oil, so nothing sticks and you also get a better taste.

Grilling (with Bill)

This cooking technique is very similar to roasting, in fact it is the cooking/browning of your dish. The product is heated directly or indirectly with powerful radiation/contact heat. If you do it right, this results in super tender meat, with a delicious grill and/or smoky flavour.

Core temperature for meat

For the very best chef-worthy results , monitor the core temperature. You can try this with your fingers, but it is better to use a (digital) core temperature meter. This way you can be 100% sure that your meat won’t get too hot, dry, raw or tough.


Unlike a true French chef, who uses quite a few packets of butter for a delicious taste, roasting and grilling products is very good for your health because it is a relatively dry preparation.


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Get our latest new BBQ recipes, news and offers delivered straight to your inbox!

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