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What size kamado bbq should I buy? – The ultimate guide to choosing the right kamado size


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Are you a lover of grilling and want to make the switch to a Grill Bill kamado BBQ? Choosing the right kamado size is essential for an optimal grilling experience. In this guide, we take a closer look at the 13, 16, 21 and 23.5-inch, or Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Grill Bill kamados, and give you an insight into their specifications. Find out which kamado size best suits you and your grilling needs.


What size kamado BBQ should I buy?

When determining the right kamado size, there are several factors to consider. Here are the main kamado sizes to choose from, with their corresponding grid diameters in centimeters:

Kamado Size Outer diameter (Inches) Grid Diameter (Centimeters)
Small, 13-inch (33cm) 13 (33cm) 27
Medium, 16-inch (41cm) 16 (41cm) 32.5
Large, 21-inch (53cm) 21 (53cm) 47
Extra Large, 23.5-inch (60cm) 23.5 (60cm) 52
Size chart

Let’s take a closer look at each of these kamado sizes:

Small, 13-inch (33 cm) Kamado

The Small kamado, this 13-inch kamado is perfect for small families or individual grilling enthusiasts. With a compact size, this kamado is easy to maneuver and will even fit on balconies or small patios. Despite its smaller size, the 13-inch kamado still offers plenty of cooking space for delicious meals.

Medium, 16-inch (41 cm) Kamado

The medium kamado, this 16-inch kamado is ideal for average families and small gatherings. With slightly more cooking space than the 13-inch variant, you can easily cook some burgers, steaks or even a whole chicken. This kamado size offers an excellent balance between portability and capacity.

Large, 21-inch (53 cm) Kamado

The Large, 21-inch kamado; If you regularly welcome larger groups of people or enjoy preparing elaborate meals, the 21-inch kamado is an excellent choice. With its spacious cooking surface, you can easily cook several dishes at once. This kamado size is perfect for hosting parties and family gatherings.

Extra Large, 23.5-inch (52 cm) Kamado

The XL Kamado. Want even more room to grill? Then the 23.5-inch kamado is the ultimate choice for you! With a grid diameter of 52 centimeters, this kamado offers an impressive cooking space. Whether you are hosting a large event or just love to experiment with elaborate dishes, this kamado size allows you to let your culinary creativity run wild. Treat yourself and your guests to delicious flavors and enjoy the unique experience of grilling on a kamado of this size.

The XL kamado is especially practical if you plan to work with pans and casseroles, it cooks just a little more comfortably.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Which kamado size is most suitable for me?

The right kamado size depends on your specific needs and grilling habits. If you grill for a small family or individual use, the 13-inch kamado is perfect. For average families, we recommend the 16-inch kamado. If you regularly welcome larger groups, consider the 21-inch kamado. And if you’re looking for maximum cooking space and flexibility, the 23.5-inch kamado is the best choice.

2. What is the difference between the Pro and Classic kamado?

We have 2 types of kamados at Grill Bill, the Pro, and the Classic kamado. Of which the Pro kamado comes the most complete, and the Classic has a basic package of accessories, making the Classic kamado a lot cheaper to offer. Want to know more? Read; What is the difference between the Pro and Classic guide.

2. Can I use a smaller kamado size for larger events?

Although a smaller kamado size can work fine for larger events, you have to consider the limited cooking space. You may need to grill in multiple sessions or use accessories such as a grill enlarger to meet your needs. If you regularly host large events, however, it is wiser to invest in a kamado size that offers sufficient capacity.

3. What are some useful accessories for my kamado grill?

Some useful accessories for your kamado grill include a cast iron grate, a pizza stone, a heat shield and an aspook. These accessories enhance the versatility of your kamado and allow you to prepare a wide range of dishes. Explore the world of kamado accessories and discover which ones best suit your grilling style. But knowing? Read; What accessories for my kamado guide.

4. What are the benefits of grilling on a kamado?

Grilling on a kamado offers numerous advantages. Kamados are designed to maintain constant and even heat, allowing your dishes to cook perfectly. Moreover, the ceramic construction provides excellent insulation, making kamados more efficient at retaining heat and retaining moisture in your dishes. This results in succulent and flavorful meals that your guests are sure to appreciate. Moreover, grilling on a kamado allows you to experiment with different cooking techniques, such as smoking, baking and slow-cooking. It is a true culinary experience that will surprise and inspire you every time.


When choosing the right kamado size, it is important to consider your specific grilling needs and the amount of space you have available. The 13, 16, 21 and 23.5-inch kamados offer different options for various grilling experiences. Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family or a large party, there is a kamado size that is perfect for you.

Discover the versatility and flavor of grilling on a kamado and unleash your culinary creativity. Invest in a kamado size that suits your style, passion and grilling adventures. Enjoy delicious dishes, create unforgettable memories and share your love of grilling with your loved ones.

Don’t wait any longer and take your pick from the 13, 16, 21 and 23.5-inch kamados. Start your journey to culinary perfection and experience the joy of grilling on a kamado. It’s time to take your grilling game to the next level!


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