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Why would you choose Grill Bill?


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One of the most frequently asked questions that we are happy to answer in our showroom, and with every customer. Why do I choose Grill Bill, and not another well-known brand like the BGE, Kamado Joe, The Bastard or a Primo?

#1 Dutch Design

The eye wants something too, we were very well aware of that while putting together and designing our kamado bbqs. The smooth jacket, and for our Pro kamados the matte black color, which is a unique combination in the kamado industry is often reason number one to purchase a Grill Bill. In addition, Grill Bill is a Dutch brand, which is also a nice thought for many customers.

  • Unique smooth and matte black design
  • Easy to clean and keep
  • Large wheels for Large and Extra Large kamados
  • Industrial matte black powder coated frame and base
  • A jewel for every garden and roof terrace

#2 Price-performance ratio

Besides offering a beautiful kamado, the price one pays is also very important. You get a very complete kamado, which is also very favorably priced.

So what makes our kamado better than another well-known brand? Very fair, not that much ! All kamados sold in Holland are relatively of the same quality. And with that, your dishes from a BGE or Kamado Joe, really don’t taste any better than from a Grill Bill or other brand.

Our promises:

  • Direct sales, without the intervention of stores or wholesalers
  • Fast delivery
  • Customized advice
  • Each kamado is thoroughly inspected by a 3rd independent quality controller

#3 Our Grill Bill Community

Our BBQ family!

Buying a kamado is one thing, but then learning to work with it and create tasty dishes is another. Our Grill Bill Fan Clan is one of the most highly regarded BBQ facebook groups (at least if our members are to be believed ;-)). Every day our Grill Bill customers share the most diverse dishes, tips & tricks, a real source of inspiration for any BBQ lover!

#4 Our Grill Bill Academy

If you buy a kamado from us, we really won’t leave you in your shirt. In fact, we will train you properly right away. If you order online and sign up for all the tips and tricks, you’ll get a new email daily with all the info you need to get off to a good start in your kamado career.

In addition, we are the only kamado brand that has its own E-Learning program, where you can learn everything about grilling on a kamado.

What you learn:

  • Theory lessons with exam and certificate
  • All kamado basics
  • What you can, and especially should not, do with a kamado
  • Temperature Control
  • Safety

Are you more of a practitioner yourself? We get it! You can also book physical BBQ workshops with us, so we have a bbq workshop for all levels, and a bbq workshop for advanced.

#5 Two-time winner of the Best BBQ Award

We at WC Duck, we can already hear you thinking it now ;-). That’s why we don’t let unfounded claims that we are “the best” catch us. Because the best kamado, that can be different for everyone, because the choice of a particular brand is very personal.

Want to know from others what they think of us? Then feel free to read our reviews. Or just ask your question to our community.

#6 Service

We at Grill Bill understand what service is. Customer focused, proactive, and consultative rather than expensive sales pitches. We’d rather sell something for less money, than saddle you with something you have no use for.

Even in terms of payment we are very modern, so you can pay your Grill Bill in 3 to 36 installments. Or just use iDeal or credit card.

Delivery of a box weighing more than 80 pounds is also handled nicely. If you live near Eindhoven we will deliver it ourselves. If you live further away, we call in a specially selected courier, who delivers the kamado to the garden. That will save you back pain….

We even have our own showroom, where all our kamados can be admired, and where you can get personal advice from a real BBQ junky. Just to be sure, make an appointment so we can take enough time to give you good advice.

  • Safe and easy payment, even in installments
  • Delivery throughout Europe (NL and BE free of charge), the rest of the countries on request
  • Showroom in Eindhoven

Bonus Tip: How do I convince my partner?

“Pfoe how expensive”, “you can’t handle it”, “you already have a bbq anyway”! Just to name a few objections to buying a Grill Bill Kamado. That’s why we give you some tips to convince your partner. Handy right?

  • A good hobby may cost money, a kamado you buy (maybe) only once in your life.
  • You save on expensive restaurants
  • Even in the winter nice outdoor cooking on charcoal, you can do this best on a kamado!
  • Everything tastes better from the kamado, yes even frozen pizza and veggies. Even the kids will love it!
  • A little less washing up
  • You save on gas consumption
  • Less cleaning in the kitchen
  • BBQ is binding. More friends and family over when they smell good food = more sociability
  • Because of the price, you’re more likely to make your BBQ a really special party
  • BBQ cooking clubs are a real trend


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30% korting op max. 5 Grill Bill accessoires
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Of zolang de voorraad strekt

Doe onze online kamado cursus, haal je examen, upload je certificaat, en je krijgt 10 jaar extra garantie t.w.v 250,- op jouw Pro kamado. Meer weten? Check de voorwaarden.

Up to €370 Discount on Pro Kamados
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Pre-Order deals
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Or while supplies last

Take our online kamado course, pass your exam, upload your certificate, and get an additional 10-year warranty worth 250.00 on your Pro kamado. Want to know more? Check conditions.


Get our latest new BBQ recipes, news and offers delivered straight to your inbox!

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