Product information: Wireless Thermometer – The Meatstick X Set – Black

The MeatStick X – Wireless Themometer

The truly seasoned bbq’er cannot do without a thermometer, for long low and slow sessions and the faster grilling sessions a thermometer is a must have. And if this one is also completely wireless like this MeatStick X then, you guessed it, you’re in for a treat!

This wireless thermometer can be used at temperatures up to 300 degrees, including in the regular oven. You can pair the thermometer via bluetooth with an app on your phone so you can monitor the core temperature of your cooking, and you can even set programs for the perfect cooking. You can pair as many as 8 MeatSticks with this app.

Ideal for Rottisserie / rotisserie spit

Should you own a rotisserie, this wireless thermometer is the way to determine when your chicken or gyros or kebab is cooked. No cables circling the spit. So you can let your preparation cook without worry, and you’ll be notified by the app when you can get to the table.

Easy charging

You can easily charge the thermometer by placing it in charger. This charger runs on 2 AAA batteries and allows the thermometer to last up to 24 hours when fully charged. The MeatStick X Charger is not only a charger, but also a bluetooth amplifier. Thanks to this charger, you can keep an eye on the cooking of your dish via the app at a distance of 80 meters so you don’t have to constantly stay near it. Excluding batteries

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