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Product information: Grill Bill Kamado BBQ Workshop

Grill Bill Kamado BBQ Workshop

During this workshop we will get you ready for the real thing, whether you already have a kamado or not. During this workshop you will learn the intricacies of the kamado craft. Even if you don’t have a Grill Bill ;-)

After all the basic info on how to light a kamado, what techniques are available, you will also learn how to maintain your kamado. And under the guise of prevention is better than replacement, you will also learn what not to do with a kamado.

5 Course BBQ

Together we will prepare a very diverse menu, from fish on a smoking board, to grilling and smoking chicken and beef. We are even going to cook a dessert on the kamado, so people who think they will leave unsaturated with us are wrong ;-)

Note: We make a varied menu with meat, fish and vegetables. It is not possible to adapt the entire menu to dietary requirements. However, it is possible to communicate any allergies when booking.

Getting started yourself

We have a total of 6 kamados available, you will go in groups of 2, maximum 3 people to prepare your own dishes. We preview the dishes, give tips, tricks and background information. And you get to recreate it and ask questions. Of course, you get to eat your own creations, and you will also be sent the recipes to prepare for yourself at home.

No surprises

The price is all-in this includes soft drinks, beer and wine (5 consumptions). Everything is provided by us, the kamados and the accessories. You’ll get a ton of information about both the kamado and cooking.


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