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Led by professional pitmasters, you will learn to control the fire, new techniques such as smoking, low and slow, grilling or stewing during our BBQ workshop. Our workshops are open to any BBQ enthusiast. Great fun to give as a gift, as a group or company outing, or just for yourself! It will be a great learning day, promise! 

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Culinaire Wereldreis Kamado BBQ Workshop – Herfst Editie

07/10/2023 - 12:00119,00 There are no ticket available at this time.
Herfst BBQ Editie De te boeken workshop is voorzien van...

Grill Bill Kamado BBQ Workshop 21-10

21/10/2023 - 12:0095,00 10 Qty Available
Grill Bill Kamado BBQ Workshop Tijdens deze workshop stomen wij...

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About our Practice Workshops

Grill Bill Academy, for anyone who wants to learn how to handle one of our Grill Bill kamado BBQs. And for anyone who likes to socialise, have a bite to eat and a drink.

Led by highly experienced BBQ Pitmasters JanPieter and/or Bobby, we host our Grill Bill Kamado Workshops. From basics, to low and slow, to culinary BBQing, everything is covered.

Academy E-Learning

Do you want to take in the theory of bbqing on a kamado in advance? Then go through our Grill Bill Academy e-learning program, and get crowned a true pitmaster on paper.

About JanPieter

Grill Chef

Out of love for cooking and of course barbecuing, Parkstreet BBQ&Grill was born!

The love of barbecuing was dormant from an early age through my grandfather who was a contractor and would provide barbecues in his yard for the whole family. 2 large plates on schagen with a tablecloth over it and you had a table. 2 sheds with an old sink with 2 grates on it was the bbq. And then everything went on it: from meatball to chicken drumstick and chops and my grandfather’s secret spice mix.

About Bobby

BBQ started very early for me, I was 11 years old when in lit a BBQ for the first time, when fishing. Since then, the love of cooking on fire has never left. In fact, I even set up my own BBQ brand Grill Bill, how cool is that?

BBQ Workshop FAQ

– What is Grill Bill Academy?

We want to train our customers well, so that you learn how to use your (Grill Bill) kamado better. You will therefore be taught by a real grill master who will teach you the intricacies of barbecuing on a kamado.

– Can anyone participate in your BBQ Workshops?

Yes, everyone can participate, young, old, fat, thin, as long as you like bbq, good food and sociability.

– Where do you hold the BBQ Workshops?

Our workshops take place at our office in Eindhoven, at Breitnerstraat 9. We are located in the center of Eindhoven, 10 minutes walk from the station, and 5 minutes walk from the stratums end. So if you want to grab a nightcap after our workshop, it will only take you a few minutes to find a nice pub.

Workshop voor groepen

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50% COMBIKorting op het kamado startpakket
30% korting op max. 5 Grill Bill accessoires
gratis 5 jaar extra garantie

Doe onze online kamado cursus, haal je examen, upload je certificaat, en je krijgt 5 jaar extra garantie op jouw Pro kamado. Meer weten? Check de voorwaarden.

Aanbieding alleen geldig i.c.m. Grill Bill Pro kamado’s, en zolang de voorraad strekt.

+ 30% discount on accessories

Offer valid while supplies last!

Workshop for groups

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