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Kamado BBQ
OF GRILL BILL; now that's enjoyment!

Experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, of outdoor cooking on fire, enjoying with friends and family. That’s Grill Bill! Your outdoors will never be the same with one of our kamado bbq’s. A worthy substitute for your home kitchen, our self-designed Grill Bill, with its sturdy and smooth-rose design stands stately in your garden, your outdoor kitchen.

Moments to remember, to make memories. We welcome you in advance to our Grill Bill Kamado BBQ family!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Grill Bill scores 4.94 based on 486 reviews.

Trusted by more than 12,600 Grill Bill Kamado BBQ Owners!


Kamado BBQ – Made for Pros

Viewed through the eyes of a BBQ professional, that’s how we designed our Grill Bill Pro Kamado BBQ. With accessories that really matter. Like the cast iron grill grill that lets you bring out the best flavours in your dishes.

State of the art features

Equipped with a fiberglass gasket, which unlike traditional felt will last for years. Even a handy ash drawer and charcoal basket shouldn’t be missing from the larger kamados, so you’ll be done removing leftover ash and grit in no time.

  • Unique and timeless matte black design, designed in the Netherlands
  • No annoying hard to clean pits
  • Supplied very complete with many standard accessories

Dutch Design

The eye wants something too, so our Pro Kamado BBQ comes in an eye-catching smooth design, with matte black enamel coating and dark wood accents. This not only exudes professionalism, but is above all timeless, a colour game that will never be bored.

de beste bbq 2021 en 2020.png Kamado BBQ

The Best BBQ 2020 & 2021

Quite a bit of pride

Both our Pro Large kamado and the Pro Extra Large kamado have been awarded Best BBQ of the Year 2021 and 2020. Besides the incredibly good value for money, we also score the best on workmanship and design. Our sleek design and matte black color are a hit. Thus Just For Cooks!

grill bill classic

Our Classic Kamado

For the smaller wallet

Our entry-level model, for the smaller wallet. Slightly less features, but with exactly the same ceramics, and of exactly the same quality as our Pro kamado bbq, only slightly less luxuriously finished.

Dutch Design

Our Classic kamado BBQ is one with a chic touch, the glossy black glaze shines like a mirror. Of course, you have to give it a regular polish.

Available in 4 Flavors

Small (13 inches), Medium (16inch), Large (21 inches), Extra Large (23.5 inches) 

The Kamado BBQ

A lesson in history: A Kamado BBQ comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. But the principle of every kamado BBQ is the same. It is charcoal-fired ceramic stove. Blown over from Japan to America some 3,000 years ago, and now completely established in Holland.

Grill Bill, a Dutch kamado brand, which is just a bit different from other kamado BBQs, with its own design and smooth dome, instead of the common golf ball model. And on it a glossy or matte black glaze, which is unique on the kamado market. And what goes well with black? Right, tough dark brown accents, these therefore complete our Grill Bill kamado BBQ.


Master your kamado BBQ! How does a kamado work? What can you do with it? Why should I buy a kamado instead of a kettle BBQ or smoker? How do I control the fire? All perfectly normal questions that every kamado BBQ’er has. That’s why you can participate in our Grill Bill Academy, an educational program that allows you to both get hands-on experience through a BBQ workshop, and you can also go through our free BBQ e-learning program. We feel it is important that every Grill Bill customer can make optimum use of his kamado.

A kamado bbq with sublime value for money

If you are orienting yourself to buy a kamado BBQ, you soon find out that prices vary enormously. The cheaper kamado BBQs hardly come with any accessories, and are often much less luxuriously finished. Where the more expensive kamado brands mainly focus on brand recognition, quality and warranty, we focus on design and ease of use with many standard accessories, that is sublime value for money!

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Tot €370,- Korting Op Pro Kamado's
30% korting op max. 5 Grill Bill accessoires
gratis 10 jaar extra garantie
Pre-Order deals
Geldig t/m 31-07-24

Of zolang de voorraad strekt

Doe onze online kamado cursus, haal je examen, upload je certificaat, en je krijgt 10 jaar extra garantie t.w.v 250,- op jouw Pro kamado. Meer weten? Check de voorwaarden.

Up to €370 Discount on Pro Kamados
30% off up to 5 Grill Bill accessories
free 10-year additional warranty
Pre-Order deals
Valid through 31-07-24

Or while supplies last

Take our online kamado course, pass your exam, upload your certificate, and get an additional 10-year warranty worth 250.00 on your Pro kamado. Want to know more? Check conditions.


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