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Cold Smoke Generator – Grill Fanatics

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Product information: Cold Smoke Generator – Grill Fanatics

Discover the versatility of cold smoking with the Cold Smoke Generator from Grill Fanatics. This smoke generator is made of high quality stainless steel and has a unique snail shell design. It allows you to smoke a wide range of products, from fish and meat to cheese, vegetables and even salt or other spices. This keeps the temperature below 25°C, so the flavor of your products is optimally preserved.


  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage and transportation.
  • No fuel such as charcoal required, ensuring clean, efficient smoke production.
  • Excellent value for money.

Good to know

The Cold Smoke Generator is easy to use and suitable for any BBQ with a lid. Loosely fill the generator with smoke dust, light it and enjoy hours of smoking fun. Its compact size also makes it ideal for use on smaller balconies or patios.


  • High quality stainless steel Cold Smoke Generator for cold smoking.
  • Versatile: smoke fish, meat, cheese, vegetables and more.
  • Compact and lightweight, no fuel such as charcoal required.

The Cold Smoke Generator from Grill Fanatics is more than a BBQ accessory. It is a promise of culinary discovery and adventure, an invitation to push the limits of your outdoor cooking skills. Order now and become part of the Grill Bill BBQ community!

How do you use this CSG?

  1. Use smoke dust to match your dish
  2. Remove charcoal from your BBQ for optimal airflow
  3. Air sliders all the way open
  4. Do not press the smoke dust too hard
  5. Make sure the csg burns well, such as lighting it with a tea light, before you put it in the BBQ or smokehouse
  6. Do not use it when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, otherwise in the evening at night or early in the morning. Food safety is important

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