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Skillet 25cm – Valhal Outdoor – two handles

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Product information: Skillet 25cm – Valhal Outdoor – two handles

Skillet VH25H

The VH25H skillet from Valhal Outdoor has a diameter of 25cm and has two handles. The skillet also has spouts on both sides for easy pouring of sauces for example

Cast iron

Because the skillet is made entirely of cast iron, it is suitable for all heat sources. So you can cook with it on your stove inside, but just as well on a campfire in your garden or in nature. This skillet is a beloved accessory among bbq-ers.


The Skillets of Valhal Outdoor are already pre-treated with a natural oil, so you do not have to do this yourself before the first use. Nevertheless, we do recommend that the Skillet be properly heated before first use. When you take good care of your Skillet, you have a pan for life. To ensure longevity, we recommend taking care of your pan regularly with the VH.WAX.


Weight: 2 .3 kg
Material: Cast Iron
Contents: Pan 1.6L
Extra: Spout
Dimensions: 29 (L) x 25 (W) x 5 (H) cm

This 25cm skillet fits both the Grill Bill 21 inch kamados and the 23.5 inch kamados.

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