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Charcoal Birch & Oak – Bestcharcoal

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Product information: Charcoal Birch & Oak – Bestcharcoal

Bestcharcoal – Birch & Oak charcoal 10 kg


This charcoal consists of a mix of Hornbeam and Oak. Thanks to the chunks, you have an ideal airflow and the temperature is easy to adjust, which makes this blend a fine charcoal for your Grill Bill kamado.

Birch = Birchwood

Birch, known in Dutch as birch, is a popular type of wood valued for its quick ignition and even combustion. It is known for its bright flames and provides rapid heating of charcoal. Birch charcoal imparts a mild, subtle flavor to food and is ideal for grilling delicate dishes such as fish, poultry and vegetables.

Oak = Oak wood

Oak wood, known as oak in Dutch, is known for its slow, even burning and high heat production. It offers a robust and powerful flavor to food, making it perfect for grilling steaks, burgers and other meat dishes. Oak charcoal provides long-lasting heat and can reach high temperatures, making it ideal for prolonged grilling and smoking.

The best of both worlds

The combination of birch and oak in the BESTCHARCOAL – Birch & Oak Charcoal provides a balanced blend of quick ignition, consistent burning and flavorful aromas. It offers both the advantages of birch and oak, making it suitable for a wide range of grilling dishes.

Low & Slow

Oak, an all-rounder that is mild yet tangy at the same time. Birch, widely used and soft and neutral. The blend of these two woods creates a pleasant scent without being overpowering to your dishes. Ideal charcoal for long low & slow sessions and of course for grill lovers this charcoal is also very suitable.


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Birch, Oak