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Big Phat Greek – Angus & Oink – 210gr.

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Product information: Big Phat Greek – Angus & Oink – 210gr.

Big Phat Greek Rub Flavor Profile

These herbs were developed after vacations in Greece. The sunshine, delicious seafood and nightly street food provided inspiration for this great mix.


Rub on a damp meat surface at least 1 hour before grilling and allow to soak in well. Want even more flavor? Then try marinating the meat in a resealable bag and adding olive oil and lemon juice as well.

The Big Phat Greek seasoning is perfect with homemade gyros and souvlaki, and also goes well with grilled chicken, pork, shrimp, pita sandwiches and Greek salad

Apply an even layer, using about 3-4% of the weight of the meat.

Allergies: Celery

This product may contain traces of an allergen or was produced in an environment where several allergens are present.

Weight: 210 grams

Other features:

– BBQ rub & seasoning
– Vegan Friendly
– Gluten free
– Store in a cool dark place, keep out of direct sunlight. Keep paper disc in lid to maintain freshness

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