Product information: Croix Valley- BBQ Booster Garlic – 170gr

Croix Valley – BBQ Booster Garlic

Croix Valley’s Garlic Barbecue Booster is the most versatile product in the entire Croix Valley family of products. The Garlic BBQ Booster is an all purpose rub & seasoning, perfect for beef, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, and more.

Designed for any dish that needs a little garlic, this seasoning is much more complex than garlic alone. It is an ideal seasoning for any meat, sauce, vegetable or pasta dish.

Tip: Also use on broccoli, green beans, salads, shrimp, trout and salmon.


The Barbecue Booster Garlic can be used before- during or after cooking as you would with salt and pepper.


Allergies: Mustard

This product may contain traces of an allergen or was produced in an environment where several allergens are present.

Weight: 170 grams

Other features:

– BBQ rub & seasoning
– For anything that can use garlic
– No artificial flavors
– Gluten free
– Store in a cool dark place, keep out of direct sunlight. Keep paper disc in lid to maintain freshness

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