Product information: Croix Valley- BBQ Booster Original- 170gr

Croix Valley – BBQ Booster Original

Croix Valley’s Original Barbecue Booster provides a spicy flavor perfect for beef, chicken, pork and more. Add to steaks, burgers, chops or any dish that could use a little flavor.


Croix Valley Original Barbecue Booster is designed as an all purpose seasoning but can also be used as a dry rub.

The Barbecue Booster can be used before- during or after cooking as you would with salt and pepper.

These spices are excellent to use dry rub over meat for BBQing, but can also be used in place of salt and other spices to add flavor to any dish.


Allergies: Celery

This product may contain traces of an allergen or was produced in an environment where several allergens are present.

Weight: 170 grams

Other features:

– BBQ rub & seasoning
– For Ribs, Pork, Chicken and Vegetables
– No artificial flavors and fragrances
– Store in a cool dark place, keep out of direct sunlight. Keep paper disc in lid to maintain freshness

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Chicken, Pig, Steak, Vegetables