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Garlic & Herb – Angus & Oink – 200gr

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Product information: Garlic & Herb – Angus & Oink – 200gr

Garlic & Herb – Vegan & Italian Inspired

Discover the authentic flavors of Italy with Angus & Oink’s Garlic & Herb BBQ Rub. This rub is your secret ingredient for creating unforgettable BBQ dishes. Weighing 200 grams, this seasoning offers enough for several BBQ sessions. The rub was inspired by the lively streets of Naples, where the smell of fresh pizza, grilled seafood and Italian olive oil fills the air. Perfect for fish, seafood, meat and vegetables, this rub brings a slice of Italy to your own backyard.


  • Inspired by Italian cuisine, perfect for an authentic taste experience.
  • Suitable for a wide range of dishes: from fish to vegetables.
  • Vegan friendly, so an excellent choice for everyone.
  • Easy to store in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness.

Good to know

This product may contain traces of celery and was produced in an environment where several allergens are present. Store the BBQ rub in a cool, dark place, making sure to keep the paper disc in the lid to maintain freshness.


  • An authentic Italian flavor experience for your BBQ dishes.
  • Suitable for a wide range of dishes, including vegan options.
  • Easy to store for long-lasting freshness.

Let Angus & Oink’s Garlic & Herb BBQ Rub lead you to the flavors of Italy. Perfect for any BBQ lover looking for that authentic, rich flavor.

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