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Product information: Meater Block

Meater block – 4 probes

With the Meater Block you can work as a real (home) chef; you can prepare 4 different dishes with different temperatures at the same time with 4 probes.

Touch screen

Using the Touch Screen on the Block, you can easily set different dishes step by step. The 4 probes and the Block work nicely together, both core and ambient temperatures are measured after which you can read them both on the Block and on your Smartphone or Tablet.

In addition, you can choose to use the built-in Speakers in the Block for various alerts. In addition to the box, the block is also the charging station for the 4 probes.


  • Completely wireless, with a connection up to about 50m.
  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • Contains 4 sensors, measures core to 100 degrees, and ambient to 275 degrees
  • Integrated rechargeable battery, after charging it lasts up to 24h continuously
  • The Meater’s free app includes a cooking guide for all kinds of standard preparations.
  • Gives various notifications
  • You can share the preparation process in real time via whatsapp, so your friends and family can see what’s on the menu and what time it will be ready.


  • The holder has a modern and sleek design, made of real wood
  • The holder is also the charger
  • Features a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 repeater; sends the signal amplified to your smartphone.
  • Oled display and speakers
  • Input: Micro USB 5v
  • Grilling without using the app is also possible
  • Built-in Meater cloud connectivity


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